Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Old Windmill

F-4. Paper pieced. 13 pieces.
On top of  Birch leaves that I have dried to make tea
or I will use it to dye yarn.
Dried Birch leaves are very good and healthy in a cup of tea,
I'm drinking one now.

Take care and happy stitching


Saturday, November 6, 2010

Four more blocks

Michelle's Medley E-6, Paper pieced, 28 pieces.

Bread Basket E-7, 38 pieces. Paper pieced and hand pieced.
This one really gave me some headache, I'm glad this one is done.

Mama's Maze E-8. Paper pieced. 33 pieces.
This makes row E completed.
Five rows done.

J-12 Paper pieced, 9 pcs.
Rebecca's Basket and Rebecca's pictures.

Now I can start a new row, I think I will do F.

All the best to you all and enjoy what ever you are doing.