Saturday, January 22, 2011

Three triangles

Rosemary's Rainbow
BR-1 Paper pieced, 12 pieces

 Grandma Nan's Bodice
RS-10 Half paper pieced and half appliquéd, 17 pieces.

 Precious Gems
TR-10 Hand pieced  32 pieces.

I'm  happy with this weeks work, three triangles.
TR10 was rather time-consuming. Well - they all take time - don't they?


Pip at Rest is not idleness said...

You have been busy Paula, I haven't started yet, but wait till next month.

Aunt 'Reen said...

Wow...3 triangles in one week is VERY impressive!
The Precious Gems looks very challenging.
All 3 of these are beautiful!

Karen said...

Oh yes, all three are beautiful!