Thursday, July 14, 2011

Two H blocks

H-4 Abbey's Eyes, Foundation pieced and hand appliqué, 7 pieces.

H-1 Peek-a-boo, Foundation pieced, 20 pieces.

Both blocks are here with pictures from the illustrator Rébecca Dautremer.

My DJ is going very slowly, I would really like to make one block every day,
but there are so many other things to do, 
Civil War Bride, Grandmother's Flower Garden, Fan, Snowballs,
Stitching, Knitting, Dyeing.........
the list is endless, it is just matter of prioritize.

Thank you for stopping my.



Karen said...

Two fabulous blocks Paula and I like how you photographed them. The colour of H-1 makes me think of pumpkins.

So, you would like to make one Dear Jane block every day. Now, wouldn't that be nice, oh to dream!!!

Pip said...

When I made my DJ that was the only quilt I was making at the time, I think that was how I managed to make it so quickly. Now that I have several quilts on the go, I don't know which way is better, as I feel a bit guilty that nothing is finished, but on the other hand I am getting a bit of variety :)

Josie McRazie said...

Well summer is in full bloom and I just cannot seem to get a block done to save my life! LOL!! I love the squares and that artwork just draws you in!! the boy at the top is so "James and the Giant Peach" like!!

Aunt 'Reen said...

I love how these 2 blocks turned out and really adore the picture pairings you've chosen for them!