Sunday, October 23, 2011

Chieko's Calla Lily

Chieko's Calla Lily, J-10, 21 piece, hand appliqué.

16 melons in one tiny block, pufff 
while I was appliqué all those melons I promised myself,
never do another J-10.
But I know one should never say never.
Because you never know.

Until next time,
Happy stitching



Jolanda said...

Lovely block. I remember stitching those tiny melons:)

Josie McRazie said...

When I did this block i was doing two that were MELON heavy! I said I had to take a break from all those darn tiny melons! But I do have to say it is such a nice block!

Pip said...

I remember this block, I think I did it over a week, so many melons, your block came out really well, lovely.

LynCC said...

Hi, Paula - this looks so good!! I can see that block will take me several TV nights. (I only get to work on Baby Janes while watching a show with my hubby in the evening.) Hey, have you heard about this new Janiac blog yet? They've just started up and are taking new members. It'd be wonderful to see you there.

Karen said...

Lovely Paula! I remember this one and think about it often. My fabric selection was not the best and you can hardly see the melons. :(

Brigitte said...

such a perfect block! I started and was so afraid - that I put it back for later ;-)
greetings Brigitte

marieJ' said... ,love this one!!
...and how true, one should never say never...