Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Three more blocks

Walter's Place, L-9, 29 pieces.

Harvest Moon, L-13, 12 pieces, hand appliqué.

Nan'a Naiad, L-10, 45 pieces, 
This one was a puzzle, 
I had to do some paper piecing then hand piecing 
and in the end hand appliqué.

Now row L is completed.
Two more rows to go.

Until next week
enjoy what ever you are doing,
and smile.



Josie McRazie said...

Very nice! I just did Harvest Moon and oh those darn circles!!! But I LOVE your purple!!!

Pip said...

Well done, row L completed before the end of the month. Nasty Nan (L10) is one that I think everyone has a little difficulty with, makes me wonder what Jane Stickle was thinking when she made that one :)

Rosa said...

Love your DJ.Your fabrics choice are awesome.

Karen said...

So nice!!!! I love the sweet faces with each block.

pinewood said...

Lovely blocks, very peaceful looking with the hand dyed fabrics.