Sunday, January 15, 2012

Five more blocks

Crooked Creek, K-1, 28 pieces, foundation pieced.

Grandpa's Chickens, K-2, 40 pieces, foundation pieced.

Seven Sisters, K-3, 29 pieces, foundation pieced.

Thea's Turn, K-4, 17 pieces, foundation pieced.

Rose of sharing, K-7, 8 pieces, hand appliqué and hand pieced.

122 pieces posted this week.
Only K-7 was made 2012, 
the other four were made late December 
but have not been posted before.

Until next time
Happy stitching.



Josie McRazie said...

I see you were on a teeeny tiney squares kick! hehe! They all look great!!

Karen said...

Great progress! I so love your blocks. :)

Pip said...

At first glance I saw the background quilting and thought you had finished your DJ, then I took another look and realised you hadn't, as usual your blocks are lovely, love the colour on K3 and K7

Kantia said...

Hello, my name is Manoli from Spain, your Dear Jane blocks are beautiful.
I'm also addicted to dj. In my blog there is a tutorial about M-9, it is in Spanish but perhaps with the help of a translator can be useful for you.

Ingeborg´s Lotta said...

very very nice looking blocks!